Live In Care

Live In Care

This is where someone needs a personal assistant around the house at various times of the day. This may involve all aspects of care (assistance with getting up, washing, personal hygiene etc.) and generally keeping the house in good order. Live in may include shopping or accompanying the client to visit relatives and friends.

The daily tasks of everyday living can be fulfilled by the Personal Assistant but he/she can also help with pastimes and activities where needed. Our Care Personal Assistants are trained to be active when required but not be intrusive into the affairs of clients especially when their presence is not needed. Our objective is to ensure that our clients can relax and enjoy the comforts of their own home In order to avail of this service, the initial step is to contact us to arrange the first visit. This is nothing more than an opportunity to ask all your questions face-to-face. It is only when the enquirer is happy with the service and comfortable with instructing us, will we move to the next stage.


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We are dedicated to provide quality and professional service with unrelenting attention to excellence, patient safety and an unparalleled passion with a commitment to assure the very best outcomes for those whom we serve.

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